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Royalty-Free Music Explained

1. Pachelbel
Pachelbel canon
2. Handel
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
3. Beethoven
Symphony No.9 - chorale (4th movement)
4. Mozart
Horn Concerto KV495 3rd movement (Rondo)
5. Wagner
Ride of the Valkyries
6. Clarke
Trumpet Voluntary
7. Tchaikovsky
Dance of the sugar plum fairy (Nutcracker)
8. Tchaikovsky
Sleeping Beauty - apotheosis
9. Ravel
10. Bizet
Pearl Fishers' duet


33 Track[s] available for ' salmon'
Title Period Instrument
Satan's Hand 20th Century Electronic
Piano sonata no.1 - second movement 20th Century Piano
Piano sonata no.1 - first movement 20th Century Piano
Jazz piece no.1 20th Century Electronic
Pastiche 20th Century Cello and piano
The night before Christmas 20th Century Electronic
Elizabeth 20th Century Piano
The wheel of time 20th Century Electronic
50 golden years 20th Century Piano
Newsnight 20th Century Electronic
Praise ye the Lord! 20th Century Choir
Jack the Ripper - opening credits 20th Century Orchestra
Tudor Coronation 20th Century Orchestra
Piano sonata no.2 - first movement 20th Century Paino
A Thousand Years 20th Century Voice
Cola advertisement stinger 20th Century Electronic
A sword shall pierce my heart 20th Century Voice
Michael the Archangel 20th Century Voice
River ride 20th Century Orchestra
Tiny Tim overture 20th Century Electronic
East meets west 20th Century Electronic
English pastroral composition 20th Century Orchestra
Piano sonata no.1 - fourth movement 20th Century Piano
Jazz piece no.2 20th Century Piano
Moving House 20th Century Electronic
Wicked 20th Century Electronic
Safe Return 20th Century Electronic
Piano sonata no.1 - third movement 20th Century Piano
Clarinet concerto - second movement 20th Century Clarinet
Soap opera stinger 20th Century Electronic
The Death of Jesus 20th Century Voice
Descant recorder concerto - first movement 20th Century Recorder
Breugel 20th Century Piano

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